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Clarksburg Area Model Railroad Club


Minutes for February 15th, 2012
  1. Meeting was opened by New President Lee Harris at the Clarksburg-Harrison Library. There were 22 members present.
  2. The Secretary’s Report for January 2012 was read and approved.
  3. Treasurer’s Report:
Opening Balance for January 2012 $1,664.03
Checking Balance $ 1,000.08 Treasury Ending Balance $1,500.27
Saving Balance $ 500.19
Deposits $ 000.00 O-scale fund $0.00
Interest $ .01 HO-scale fund $0.00
Expenses $ 163.27 N-scale fund $0.00
Ending month available funds $1,500.27
Report was approved. Copies of the detailed Treasurer’s Report were available.
  1. Old Business:
    1. Committee contacted Art Council about their Building in Glenn Elk. They stated that they will bring up our proposal at their next meeting. Mr. Payne of Royal Cab was contacted by Mike Fuller.
    2. Additional Search Folders were given out to Jim Marino from the City and Jim and Martin Shaffer in Glenn Elk. Also given to the Masonic Temple.
    3. Club voted to obtain services of Attorney for assistance with the 501c(3) application. We need to redo our charter purpose and possibly change the Club’s name to i.e., Clarksburg Historical Model Train Club and Museum.
    4. Check with Jim Satterfield about a later date for the Mall Show instead of March 17,18th. This date WILL NOW BE APRIL 14,15TH. Set up Friday.
  1. New business:
    1. Dues are due now. $30 plus $5 if you want a key.
    2. Club voted to schedule two meetings per month. They will be on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month. Denzil Riley invited the club to view his display and how to make scenery for the April 5th meeting.
    3. Our workshop meeting will be at the Clubhouse on March 1st starting at 6:30pm. We will run trains, discuss moving plans, work on displays. The next workshop meeting will be April 5th. Details will follow.
    4. Artie Frank was voted in as a regular voting member tonight.
    5. Time to renew Advertising Cars for the year. $35 O gauge, $25 HO&N.
    6. Plans to dismantle clubhouse displays have been received.
  1. Other News:
    1. The workshop meeting was held on March 1st at the clubhouse. There were 22 people in attendance. Everyone liked the evening get together and ran their trains and discussed moving plans and obtained new copies of the Club’s Pamphlet. We had two guests at this meeting.
6:00 pm March 1, 2012
  1. Attending Board Meeting were: Lee, Steve, Bill, Dave, Al, Gene L.
  2. Items that were discussed:
(1) Needed to clarify By-Laws. Membership, Section II, Paragraph 2. Changed to read: Probationary members shall join and pay ½ year annual dues as determined by the Board if joining in the last quarter of the year (Oct-Dec). They may apply for full membership after six months probation and then pay the additional ½ dues for the full year. They will receive a monthly newsletter and name badge. They do not have voting status until after six months upon joining and in good standing. They also must remain in good standing for a total of one year to receive a key to the clubhouse. (6 months to be a Regular member and then 6 months to obtain a key). Good standing is attending at least 50% of scheduled meetings and dues paid.
  1. Suggest a policy on visitors to the clubhouse who want to run their trains.
  2. Bill Donini has coupons books to be sold at Elder-Beerman for $5 each. All monies $5.00 goes entirely to the club. Bill will explain.
  3. Art Council held a meeting and want to check the proposed White building for structure problems before considering us using the building.
  4. Suggest contacting Boy Scout Troop to work with our club to obtain a Scout Badge.
LEE HARRIS AT 304-476-5018 or
GENE LAROSA AT 304-842-3677.

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